Embracing Change (Part 2)

In my previous post, I confessed my reluctance to embrace change. (Thanks so much, by the way, for all the encouraging comments in response to that post!) One of the big changes coming up in our lives is that we will be moving house. Through a process of a myriad of small stirrings in our hearts and several powerful moments in our lives, we have felt the need to experience life as others do who are not able to afford or access the lifestyle that we have at the moment. We feel the need to position ourselves in a way that would make it possible for us to listen to and experience for ourselves the stories of people who live in this beautifully diverse country with us, but in totally different circumstances.

Through numerous helpful conversations, desperate prayers to our Heavenly Father and seemingly endless drives around Durban it has become clear that we need to relocate to the Durban CBD area.

Despite our overwhelming conviction, so much is still uncertain and my feelings seem to oscillate between excitement and fear on a daily basis. Over the next weeks, I will share with you our reasons, our journey, our experiences, our challenges as we embark on this adventure. I would love for you to journey with us, so please keep on reading and engaging!


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