I can summarise people’s response to our move in three letters, “Why?”. Everyone wants to know why we have decided to move into the CBD. And despite my endeavours to explain some of our reasons and our journey in previous posts… my husband has now decided to resort to asking people “Why not?”, which I think may very well be the best response for many reasons, but I will leave that for him to explain (in a future post perhaps…)

So many people have responded saying how brave we are – “so very courageous”. How powerful it is what we have done. “Such a prophetic statement” they say. I know these things are said with the best intentions and by people who genuinely love us, but honestly, we are not being brave or courageous. We are not trying to make prophetic statements or endeavouring to be counter cultural. I will tell you what we are. We are tired. Tired of praying and talking and thinking and intellectualising about the problems in our country and this world and not actually respond by DOING something about it. We came to a point we were literally could not attend one more city prayer meeting or have one more conversation about “prophetic imagination” or read one more blog on “living counter cultural lifestyles” and NOT.ACTUALLY.DO.SOMETHING.ABOUT.IT.

And I was wondering if there are others out there who find themselves at this point too?





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